Book Review: Saving Ruby King

Title: Saving Ruby King (Amazon, Goodreads)Author: Catherine Adel WestGenre: Literary FictionMy Rating: 4 / 5 stars Favorite Quote:"All have the potential to discover peace, turn it into something everlasting. But humans carry their sorrow and disappointment, their trials and tragedies. They drag them with them, ugly, battered luggage, opened and rummaged through for the sheer purpose of torturing themselves with unfortunate … Continue reading Book Review: Saving Ruby King

Book Review: The Silence of Bones

Hello, how is it already past mid-April? Where is spring even going? I hope everyone is surviving the pandemic and quarantine in good shape. I recently got to read an eARC of a really fun new book that is outside the normal genres I read, and it was SO GOOD. I am excited to share … Continue reading Book Review: The Silence of Bones