Neon Sign: Warning, A Moron Goes Here

Writing prompt: Tell us about a time when you felt out of place. All the freaking time? Is that an acceptable answer? Once upon a time, I was 25 years old and had just moved to a whole new city with my sweet boyfriend to start a graduate program. A few days before the program officially … Continue reading Neon Sign: Warning, A Moron Goes Here



Resumption /rəˈzəm(p)SH(ə)n/ noun  1. the action of beginning something again after a pause or interruption. That's what this is, I suppose. All of a sudden I looked around and realized, hey, I have time to start writing again. I don't suppose there will be a single person even looking at this thing, and that's okay. … Continue reading Resumption


When Linnaea was so small that her whole head fit in my hand, I would hold her like that, my thumb and pinky resting gently on her two ears, and just stare at her, and marvel at how simple life could actually be. Nowadays, I am in awe at the words that come tumbling out … Continue reading brains